QLD Digital Solutions Mapping

Our goal is to ensure that you spend less time on admin work, and more time teaching.

With our course plans, you can be confident that you’re delivering content that’s both engaging for students, and that meets state requirements.


The courses in Zenva Schools have been mapped to the Queensland Digital Solutions Curriculum.

Recognizing that data and the digital realms are transforming industries across the globe, this curriculum develops students’ abilities to create digital solutions and understand the ethical issues associated technology.

All Courses

Course UnitCourse plansPrerequisite
Intro to HTML & CSS1View PlanEntry-level
Intermediate Python Project – Pygame Game1View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python.
Data Manipulation with Python and Pandas1View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python.
Python Projects – Object-Oriented Game2View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python.
Introduction to SQL2View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python. Uses Python environment to run SQL queries
Intermediate SQL Databases with Python2View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python and SQLite. Uses Python environment to run SQL queries
Intermediate Python and Pandas – Data Analysis2View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python and Pandas.
Reading Data from APIs with Python3View PlanAssumes familiarity with Python.